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Personalized Cart Basics
Personalized Cart Basics

Discover the key features of Personalized Carts and learn when and how to use them.

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What is a Personalized Cart?

Personalized Carts are customized, conversion-optimized checkout experiences for your returning customers. They're based on your customer’s past purchases, pre-populated with items due for reordering, and designed to help your returing customers reorder what they want quickly and smoothly. This experience can help boost your AOV, conversion rate, and revenue per session when used at the right moment.

When to Use Personalized Carts

Personalized Carts work best for customers in “buy mode” rather than “shop mode.” This means they:

  • have already purchased from you,

  • need less education to make a decision than a PDP or landing page would provide,

  • and want to get to checkout quickly without browsing.

Repeat carts are an excellent choice for:

  • email/SMS campaigns to existing customers

  • post-purchase, replenishment, and lapsed customer flows

How to Use Personalized Carts

Klaviyo Profile Properties

Through our Klaviyo integration, you can give customers access to their personalized cart in any campaign or flow via a profile property containing each customer's unique cart link.

Klaviyo, Postscript, and Attentive Events

We’ll send an event to Klaviyo, Postscript, or Attentive through our integrations when a customer is “Due to Replenish.” Using that event, you can link a customer to their personalized cart via a property in the event.

Key Personalized Cart Features

Due to Reorder

Products that a customer is likely running low on, based on the product’s reorder interval, are shown in this section and added to the cart automatically.

Previously Purchased

Products that a customer has purchased that are not “Due to Reorder” are shown in this section.

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You can use the YMAL section to show additional products for upselling/cross-selling. These products are the same across all of your Repeat carts. If a product is shown in a previous section, it will be hidden here.

More Cart Details

Promotional Banners

You can add a promotional banner to a cart to highlight discounts for returning customers or other promotions.

The Cart Icon

Tap the cart icon to change quantities or remove your selected products. On desktop, the selected items are on the right-hand side.

Check Out

Tapping the “Check Out” button directs a customer to your Shopify checkout, with all of their selected items, to complete the purchase. You also have the option to apply a discount at checkout automatically.

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