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Featured Product Cart Basics
Featured Product Cart Basics

Learn the basics of Featured Product Carts, including when & where to use them and how to create one.

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What is a Featured Product Cart?

When your customers visit a Featured Product Cart, they arrive on a Repeat Cart with a specific product already added to the cart, powering a seamless checkout. They can also make a last-minute addition and add a product from the You Might Also Like section.

When to Use Featured Product Carts

Featured Product Carts allow you to take advantage of the frictionless reordering experience of the Repeat Carts in any channel where you connect with your existing customers (e.g., email or sms marketing channels). These carts are great to use when you typically link directly to a product details page for a conversion bump or when your goal is to promote a specific product or variant.

How To Use Featured Product Carts

You can create links for Featured Product Carts in our Shopify app.

Step 1: Navigate to the Products tab of the Repeat sales channel in Shopify.

Step 2: Select the product or products you’d like to create a URL for.

Step 3: Click the Create Feature Product Cart URL(s) button.

Step 4: Next, choose the channel where you will distribute these URLs. Doing so will add an rptc URL parameter required for Repeat analytics reporting.

If you do not see your channel in the drop-down, please select Add a New Channel

  1. Choose a Channel Type (e.g., Email or SMS)

  2. Type out the Platform Name (e.g., Klaviyo or Postscript)

Step 5: Click Download Links to download a CSV with your links.

You need to create different URLs for every channel where you intend to use these links. This is required for proper analytics reporting.

For example, here is what a link would look like for the Postscript SMS channel: and here’s what a link would look like for the Klaviyo Email channel

The products associated with the Featured Product Carts must be available via the Repeat sales channel for your customers to purchase those products via the Repeat Cart. Please find more information about Shopify channel availability here.

More Featured Product Cart Details

You Might Also Like

You can use the YMAL section to show additional products for upselling/cross-selling. These products are the same across all of your Repeat carts. If a product is shown in a previous section, it will be hidden here.

Promotional Banners

You can add a promotional banner to a cart to highlight discounts for returning customers or other promotions.

The Cart Icon

Tap the cart icon to change quantities or remove your selected products. On desktop, the selected items are on the right-hand side.

Check Out

Tapping the “Check Out” button directs a customer to your Shopify checkout, with all of their selected items, to complete the purchase. You also have the option to apply a discount at checkout automatically.

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