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Offering Subscriptions On Repeat Carts
Offering Subscriptions On Repeat Carts

Learn how subscriptions work with Repeat and how to enable the feature for your store.

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Compatibility Note:

To enable subscriptions on Repeat, you must use a subscription tool that works with Shopify’s “Unified Checkout.” Stores using Legacy Recharge or a subscription provider that utilizes a separately hosted checkout are not compatible with this feature.

How It Works

Enabling subscriptions on Repeat means that customers can now seamlessly move from buying one-off products to becoming subscribers, using the subscriptions your store already has set up.

Once enabled for your store, customers can add a subscription for products in the “Due to Reorder” and “Previously Purchased” sections of their Personalized Cart or from Featured Product Carts.

Repeat automatically recognizes the products in your store with subscription selling plans and pulls in the relevant details like discounts and subscription intervals.

Customers can subscribe to one or all of the items in their cart and will complete the checkout in Shopify’s checkout as they usually would. Once subscribed, customers will manage their subscriptions through your subscription provider’s customer dashboard.

Shopify will attribute revenue to the Repeat sales channel on the first order. Subsequent subscription orders will be attributed to the sales channel for your subscription app.

Enable Subscriptions For Your Store

You can enable subscriptions on the Repeat cart in just a few clicks. In Shopify, navigate to the Repeat app, then:

  1. Click “Settings”

  2. Click the “Activate” button next to the option to “Display subscription options on the Repeat cart” and save your settings

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