About to Lapse Events
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About the About to Lapse Event

Repeat's About to Lapse event lets you trigger automations in your email or SMS tools when we identify that customers are at risk of lapsing. The event also contains some properties that will help you personalize your messaging.


To identify customers for the About To Lapse Trigger, Repeat will:

  • Ingest your store's order history

  • Assess the churn risk for each customer

  • Send the event to your email and SMS platforms when a customer is approaching (but has not yet reached) the point of permanent lapse

Event Properties

The About to Lapse event contains these properties:

Property Name


Repeat Cart URL

A link to the customers Personalized Cart

Previously Purchased

The list of products that a customer has purchased previously (Klaviyo only)

Use The Event To Trigger Email or SMS

Check out the Lapse Prevention Flow Play for step-by-step instructions on setting this up in any platform.

In Klaviyo

Select the "Repeat - About to Lapse" metric as the trigger for a flow.

You can direct a customer to their personalized cart by adding the event's Repeat Cart URL property to the "Link address" field of an image, button, or text:

Copy and paste this snippet to the link address/URL field or into an SMS message (replace YOURWEBSITE.COM with your home page):

{{ event|lookup:"Repeat Cart URL"|default:"YOURWEBSITE.COM" }}

The Previously Purchased property is a list of products in this format:

"product": {
"id": 7013593874511,
"title": "Magic In A Box",
"variant": {
"id": 40645138776143,
"title": "Default Title"
"price": "39.00",
"images": [
"src": "https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0568/8256/1103/files/MagicInABox.png?v=1683126270"
"handle": "magic-in-a-box"

In Postscript

This event can be used to trigger an automation with Postscript's legacy automation builder. Select "Repeat: About To Lapse" as the automation's trigger.

Add a link to the customer's Personalized Cart by adding this snippet to a message:


In Attentive

This event can be used to trigger a Journey in Attentive. Select "Repeat - About to Lapse" as the Journey's trigger.

Add a link to the customer's Personalized Cart by adding this snippet to a message:

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