Predicted Product Options
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Repeat provides product predictions in events sent to your marketing channels and in Klaviyo customer profile properties. These are products that Repeat believes a customer is primed to buy next based on their previously purchased products and data from other similar customers.

You can choose if you want to use products or variants to make these predictions. The best type of predictions for your store depends on the structure of your product catalog.

Prediction Types

Variant Based Predictions (Default)

By default, Repeat uses the variant based option when you enable predictions. This prediction type will ignore variants on a previous purchase but will allow for multiple variants of a different product to appear in a recommendation.

Variant based predictions allow for many more possible predicted products, and ultimately increases the confidence of our predictions. In the example below, two variants of the same product are likely to be purchased and both are displayed:

You should use variant based predictions when:

  • You have a small total product catalog (less than 20 products)

  • Customers might buy multiple variants of the same product (like different scents or flavors)

Variant based predictions are genrally the best option for brands that sell consumable products.

Product Based Predictions

Product based predictions ignore variants of the same product on a previous purchase and shows predictions using parent products only. This ensures that a different variant of the same product (i.e. scent, size, flavor) is not recommended to a customer.

This prediction type will present a more diverse selection of your total catalog, but it may remove predictions for products that are highly likely to be purchased next. For example, if two variants of the same product are likely to be purchased next, only the parent product would be recommended.

You should consider this prediction type when:

  • You have a large total catalog of products

  • Customers are not likely to purchase a different variant of a product they have already purchased (i.e. shades of makeup, hair dye colors, shoe sizes)

Product based predictions are generally best for Apparel and Cosmetic brands.

Changing Your Prediction Type

You can change the prediction type you wish to use by navigating to the settings section of the Repeat app and looking for the “Product Predictions” setting:

Select the type you wish to use and save. Once you have made a change to the product prediction type the changes will take effect the next day.

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