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Google Analytics Integration
Google Analytics Integration

Learn how to add GA4 to your Repeat Cart for additional performance tracking capability.

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By adding Google Analytics support to the Repeat Cart, you’ll better understand how often your returning customers convert and how much they spend via the Repeat Cart, and how that compares to returning customers who head back to site instead.

This level of cart performance data can be used to help you measure tests with confidence and better identify additional use cases for Repeat.

Setting Up The GA Integration

1. Copy your Google Tag ID

How: Find your Google Tag ID in Google Analytics (ex: G-123ABC4567)

2. Add your Google Tag ID to Repeat

How: Navigate to the settings tab of Repeat and insert the ID

Additional Steps

If you already had the Repeat Cart setup in an older Universal Analytics account and ported that setup to GA4 these steps “should” already be done for you. It never hurts to double check though 🙂

3. Set up cross-domain tracking on your store

Cross-domain tracking allows you to keep track of a customer as they mover between domains that you use. The Repeat cart is a separate domain from your Shopify site and setting this up will allow you to keep track of that same customer as they move from the Repeat cart to your site for checkout.

How: Configure domain settings on your Google Tag ID and add your Repeat Cart URL (e.g.,

4. Add Repeat to your Referral Exclusion List

Adding a referral exclusion will ensure that users moving from the Repeat Cart to the site are not counted as “referral traffic”

How: Enter your Repeat Cart Domain again to the referral exclusion list (e.g.,

All done! You’ve successfully configured Google Analytics on your cart and should now see all Repeat Cart traffic (even those who don’t convert!) in your Google Analytics account. If you have any trouble with this, please reach out to [email protected]

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